About Us - The Lesson Moore Team
Lesson Moore Background
Without decades of medical insurance experience Martin Blain and Simon Milner launched Lesson Moore in December 2015 to disrupt the very mature health insurance broker market.

Our background was in the outsourced call centre arena, we’d worked with insurers and brokers for a number of years and we recognised an opportunity in the private medical insurance field.

It’s an arena where we felt most brokers seemed to take clients for granted and exploited their ‘inertia’, it’s an industry where there’s little innovation, an ageing workforce and few “outsiders” entering the fray. We’re the upstarts, interlopers from outside the Private Medical Insurance world and we pride ourselves on spotting things that many brokers miss.

Our mission is to help our clients to ‘pay less, get more’ from their health insurance.

Most of our clients had policies in place with existing advisors and we’ve reduced their premiums where the current broker had failed them.

We work with all the health insurers, acting as an intermediary; we act for our client to get the best deal possible.

Our approach is working, we’ve grown year on year and we retain over 95% of our clients at policy renewal.

How can we help you to “Pay Less”?
So how can we help our clients to make savings when others fail?

We’re health insurance specialists. Medical Insurance is a maze of complexity and we’ve gone out of our way to understand the market.

We’ve worked harder to understand the vast array of policies which opens up more options. We’ll often layer two or three policies together where a “lazy” broker will rely on one.

The lack of deep understanding from a general broker means clients are often paying for benefits they’ll never use or even more worryingly having cover that it’s not up to date with new medical developments.

We’re active members of our Trade Association to ensure we keep bang up to date with industry trends.

Many underwriting types increase premiums and changing these gets discounts.

We’ve agencies with all insurers; whilst many competitors only work with a handful limiting choice and options.

Nurturing insurer relationships has given us access to discount schemes not universally available. Our specialisation means insurers offer us the best terms for clients.

How can we help you to “Get More”?
We’ve focused on customer service with an aim of delivering high levels of support to our clients.

Accurate and timely administration is vitally important in providing a service like ours, we’ve built a methodology which will be a legacy for future team members. Our bespoke CRM provides a single platform for client information enabling any team member to deal with a client’s enquiry. The task management facility gives “tick-list” guidance to 640 individual administrative tasks ensuring jobs are done on time with consistent quality.

Calls to our reception number are answered 24/7 so you’ll always be able to get hold of us, you call may be recorded for quality and training purposes which is another way that we look to ensure our service is always top drawer.

There’s also an on-line “Help” section where you can carry out most of the functions you’ll need to administer your policy (https://www.lessonmoore.co.uk/help).

We go out of our way to support you if you are in the unfortunate position of needing to claim on your policy. We’ve a proven track record of guiding clients through tricky claims, Ewen Logan of Tija Marketing said: “I had a difficult time making a claim, but Lesson Moore took the stress out of the process.”

Meet The Lesson Moore Team:

“To go fast go alone, to go far you need a team.” – Martin Blain

Alex Davis, Health Insurance Advisor.

Directline: 0333 050 3356
(calls may be recorded for compliance and training purposes)
Email: alexdavis@lessonmoore.co.uk

“I joined Lesson Moore in June 2020 after Martin & Simon kindly tossed me a lifebelt in the midst of the COVID related storm. I have a somewhat varied background consisting of a variety of account manager and customer facing roles across a range of industries including Media, Events & IT. I’ve undertaken an intensive Health Insurance bootcamp since joining the team and am now in the thick of it, handling policy renewals and busily expanding our dental & EAP offerings, and despite the oddities of joining a business in lockdown have even managed to meet the team!

Outside of the office I split my time between agonising over the results of a litany of sports teams, upsetting my neighbours with music played at the appropriate level and more frequently entertaining, or being entertained, by my near 1 year old son & wife.”

Jane Groves, Health Insurance Associate.

Directline: 0333 050 9628
(calls may be recorded for compliance and training purposes)
Email: janegroves@lessonmoore.co.uk

“I joined Lesson Moore at the start of 2018. I love my role as it’s challenging yet rewarding and I am continually learning new skills – it’s a great team to be a part of.

I’m always building my product knowledge and being in the office I can’t help but pick up new things every day.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have two young children so I’m always on the go! To relax I love running, I completed the Bath Half marathon this year and I’m now considering going for a full marathon, when I’m not exercising I love watching Netflix with my husband!”

Julie Skidmore, Client Support Manager.

Directline: 03333 556405
(calls may be recorded for compliance and training purposes)
Email: julieskidmore@lessonmoore.co.uk

“My role is “Queen Bee”, I check everything and everybody. I have to get through lots of tasks everyday and to keep calm, my trick when things get busy is to focus on the task I’m doing and not to get distracted by the tasks that are building up.

If you’re a client, then you’ll come across me handling renewals and placing applications and supporting you with the day to day running of your policy.

Outside of work I’m kept busy by my two young sons and supporting my husband’s Taekwondo Academy, http://des-tkd.co.uk/.”

Martin Blain, Managing Director.

Martin Blain, Managing DirectorDirectline: 01761 233026
(calls may be recorded for compliance and training purposes)
Email: martinblain@lessonmoore.co.uk
Linkedin Profile

“Lesson Moore is the fourth business that I’ve been involved in starting. I love building teams and helping people to achieve their best. I set high standards and want us to be a business that others will admire and that we can be proud of.

Outside of work I’m a family man with three (adult) children, I love to ride my bike, spend hours fishing and to get very frustrated following the “mighty” Yeovil Town FC.”

Samantha Jenness, Client Support.

Directline: 0333 050 9840
(calls may be recorded for compliance and training purposes)
Email: samanthajenness@lessonmoore.co.uk

Simon Milner, Director.

Simon Milner, DirectorDirectline: 01225 436393
(calls may be recorded for compliance and training purposes)
Email: simonmilner@lessonmoore.co.uk
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“I’ve worked with Martin Blain since 2004 and I’ve now become an insurance “nerd” as I live and breathe medical insurance, I genuinely love my role in assisting clients save money on their premiums. My biggest achievement to date was being shortlisted to the last three in one of the individual categories at the National Health Insurance Awards and although I was “pipped to the post” I’m delighted that I’ve finally managed to make my mum proud!

When I haven’t got my nose in an insurance brochure I’ll typically be pottering about my camper van and spending time with my girlfriend. I’m an animal lover, I support various animal charities and we have a beautiful rescue puppy called Luca who is a mammoth Rottweiler (possibly crossed with a bear) who we adore.”

“ We received a great service, very professionally delivered. ”
- Kate Woodford (Reading)

Review from 16 May 2022
on FreeIndex

“ Very pleased with Martin Blain's swift and hard work, as well as his negotiation skills in getting us close to what we had overseas for over 20 years. Gave us a decent analysis of the UK market and comparative rates to tailor it to our needs. Thanks. ”
- Leonard Cathan (Greenwich)

Review from 05 May 2022
on FreeIndex

“ I am a new comer to Private Health Insurance, so really didnt know what I was doing. Simon helped me through every step and explained every option and did so with good grace, humour and intelligence. I couldnt ask for more! ”
- Beth Hayman (Wokingham)

Review from 03 May 2022
on FreeIndex

“ Brilliant broker to work with, very attentive and super quick to respond to queries! ”
- Bex Clay (Exeter)

Review from 27 Apr 2022
on FreeIndex

“ Mia was super, keeping me informed and ensuring a great quality product with the supplier that we wanted and great market value. ”
- Esther Kiddle (Hitchin)

Review from 31 Mar 2022
on FreeIndex

“ Excellent personal service and advice. Negotiated a renewal on policy for less than the previous year with all the same cover. Customer service above and beyond. ”
- J Sandy (Hunstanton)

Review from 14 Mar 2022
on FreeIndex

“ This year, we moved away from an employer based plan to an individual plan. Simon and the team dealt with our renewal efficiently, with minimal input from us ? And, as always professionally, we are now looking forward to another claim free year ? . ”
- Tracy Baker (Ivybridge)

Review from 09 Mar 2022
on FreeIndex

“ Brilliant Service and Communication throughout. Lesson Moore provided us with understanding of our insurance premium and how we can have the same benefits for much less money. Felt looked after as a customer. ”
- Aleksandra... (Dunmow)

Review from 09 Feb 2022
on FreeIndex

“ Simon Milner's assistance through the whole process from start to finish of finding a competitive insurer and negotiating on our behalf was exemplary. He kept us fully informed with regular contact on all fronts. I would have no hesitation in recommending them. ”
- Paul Mitchell Char... (Bridgwater)

Review from 08 Nov 2021
on FreeIndex

“ I was recommended to us Lesson Moore by my company and have to say that I have nothing but praise for them. I was finding it virtually impossible to get viable medical insurance principally because of my age and medical history and they sorted it out. They are all very personable, knowledgable and helpful and I would recommend them without hesitation. ”
- John Nelson (Henley-on-Thames)

Review from 19 Oct 2021
on FreeIndex

“ Competitive, helpful and thorough. Been with them for many years - their annual reviews always get the best deals available. Couldn't ask for more! ”
- Robert Mathias (Chelsea)

Review from 22 Sep 2021
on FreeIndex

“ Simon and Martin are very approachable and friendly persons. They are also very professional people and know what they are doing. They have achieved for me lots of savings in the Company's health insurance policies. They are very proactive looking for solutions outside the box and quick in their responses to my questions. I am delighted to work with them. I have also to mention the admin team of Lesson Moore that are very friendly and helpful in those occasions I have to contact them. ”
- Javier Perez (Bristol)

Review from 02 Sep 2021
on FreeIndex

“ Simon was excellent and got us the continuation policy we needed at very short notice. ”
- Garth Kevan Dougla... (Long Ashton)

Review from 17 May 2021
on FreeIndex

“ This year we faced steep rise in our Private Health Insurance and luckily Leeson Moore (Tom Kingett to be specific) managed to find us a better rate that we had had in the last two years! The whole process was explained to me and the difference in cover. Communication is absolutely brilliant - I knew what was happening every step of the way. ”
- Rebecca McClymont (Watford)

Review from 30 Apr 2021
on FreeIndex

“ I just renewed my insurance every year with the same insurer, but the premiums went through the roof this year. Simon and his team happened to contact me, I found them to be helpful, professional, easy to communicate with and they managed everything for me keeping me abreast of what was on offer out there. Absolute dream to work with. ”
- John Baulch (Billingshurst)

Review from 22 Apr 2021
on FreeIndex

“ SIMON was amazing, knowledgeable, really helpful and did all of the hard work. I would not hesitate in recommending him. All you have to do is give him the basic details of your existing policy and he negotiates on your behalf. Thank you to Lesson &Moore.Kind regards.Kim. ”
- Kim Roe (Tunbridge Wells)

Review from 17 Mar 2021
on FreeIndex

“ Simon thought the premium that our previous broker had arranged appeared high - he was right! Simon managed to save us a considerable amount of money and actually put a lot of effort into the process to move us to our new preferred provider at a much lower price than we were paying. A very friendly smooth process. Thank you Simon. ”
- Mark Hall (Exeter)

Review from 11 Nov 2020
on FreeIndex

“ Martin has been a great help in drastically reducing our monthly premium. Communication is excellent and I know that our staff life cover is in good hands. I would not hesitate to recommend Lesson Moore to others. ”
- Pearl Belcher (Corsham)

Review from 09 Sep 2020
on FreeIndex

“ Brilliant negotiating by Martin at Lesson Moore saw our private health premium reduce by 25%. Highly recommended. ”
- Chris May (Bath)

Review from 03 Sep 2020
on FreeIndex

“ Very happy with Martin Blain's hard work and negotiation skills in reducing the premiums for our health insurance renewal. Quick to respond and great at keeping us updated. ”
- Suzanne Baker (Bath)

Review from 27 Aug 2020
on FreeIndex

“ Lesson Moore have been consistently helpful, friendly and patient whilst getting us a good deal every time. Nothing seems too much trouble, and I appreciate Martin's up front, honest approach. It feels like a partnership and I have every confidence in their services. ”
- Alison Sturgess-Du... (Bath)

Review from 21 Aug 2020
on FreeIndex

“ We have used Lesson Moore for 3 years to try and improve (decrease) the costs of our company health plan. Our initial renewal quote in 2017 was in excess of £1650 / month for 4 people (admittedly on the older side ! ). Lesson Moore were able (much to our amazement) to move us to a new plan at a rate of less than than 50% of our original renewal quote. We have just received a quote for our 2020/21 renewal and it is actually less than our 2019/20 policy.!We would highly recommend Martin Blain and his team at Lesson Moore to help your business get the best value for health insurance and similar products. They are very friendly to talk to and will give you the best options for your individual requirements. ”
- Peter Shanks (Borehamwood)

Review from 17 Jul 2020
on FreeIndex

“ Great Service and Great People. Saved us money on our premiums and they really know their stuff. ”
- Jeff Thompson (Corby)

Review from 16 Jul 2020
on FreeIndex

“ We have worked with Simon and his team now for a year and I cannot praise them enough. They deliver everything that they promise and more. Always extremely professional whilst delivering a very personal service. The team work with us with our best interests at heart, taking time to really understand our needs, and get the best results for us. The response time to any queries or request to add or remove people from policies is excellent. I would highly recommend. ”
- Sarah Peirce (Fulham)

Review from 16 Jun 2020
on FreeIndex

“ Mr. Blain - has worked really hard with ARC to get a good deal for the company and we are very pleased with the service. ”
- Stephanie Taylor (Christchurch)

Review from 11 May 2020
on FreeIndex

“ Very helpful and positive attitude. ”
- Leanne Bradford (Wimborne)

Review from 24 Apr 2020
on FreeIndex

“ On first receiving a phone call my immediate reaction was 'Oh no, not another company telling me they can save me money'. However, I listened and decided to give them a go, partly because my previous broker had really done nothing each renewal and the timing was good. I have never regretted that decision as each year, Lesson Moore have either obtained a reduduction in the premium, an improvement in the cover or both. The people are always friendly and explain everything with great patience. I would definitely recommend them. ”
- Mary Gulliver (Newbury)

Review from 15 Apr 2020
on FreeIndex

“ Cannot thank Matt and the team enough for all the work they have done this year to reduce our health policy by a massive £4500 for the upcoming year, they work so hard and tirelessly and this year it is our company employees who will reap the benefits. Thank you. ”
- Dot Booker (Yate)

Review from 16 Mar 2020
on FreeIndex

“ Martin and his team are fantastic at ensuring that all of your requirements are met in a timely fashion and have a lovely personable manner when doing so - I would thoroughly. Recommend them. ”
- Kate Leahy (Bristol)

Review from 19 Feb 2020
on FreeIndex

“ Excellent friendly and efficient service. Always go out of their way to get you the best product at the best price even when you don't think they'll be able to. Thanks again gents :). ”
- Roz Williams (Chertsey)

Review from 18 Feb 2020
on FreeIndex

“ Thank you Martin for all your hard work and dedication in ensuring that we got the best possible value for money. Kind regards. Lorraine. ”
- Lorraine Boulton (Taunton)

Review from 10 Feb 2020
on FreeIndex

“ On two occsions over the last few months I have had problems in obtaining the guarantee of payment from the health insurer. Both times Simon Milner and Matt Brown worked efficiently and promptly in bringing matters to a satisfactory conclusion. I would reccomend this firm without hesitation. ”
- Michael French (Preston)

Review from 03 Feb 2020
on FreeIndex

“ We have had great service from Lesson Moore and have had considerable reductions in our premium over the last couple of years. I would recommend them. ”
- Marquis Precision ... (Weymouth)

Review from 07 Nov 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Efficient, good to deal with and worth the time Thanks Lesson Moore. ”
- Peter Edmonds (Bridgwater)

Review from 11 Oct 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Excellent and concise review by Tom Kingett at Lesson Moore. ”
- Simon Dootson (Bournemouth)

Review from 08 Oct 2019
on FreeIndex

“ What a fantastic service. Having recently stopped full time work I was faced with the minefield of trying to buy an individual policy. Lesson Moore are amazing. They listened to my specific requirements and got me a great policy for less than I was expecting. Then on renewal they re-assesed the market and got another great deal. I'm genuinely impressed. ”
- Scott Learmouth (Brighton)

Review from 03 Sep 2019
on FreeIndex

“ We have used LessonMoore for several years and have always found them incredibly helpful and able to deliver great value from the market for us. ”
- Alison Sturgess-Du... (Bath)

Review from 30 Aug 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Lesson Moore have been helping us with our health insurance for a few years now and I can't speak highly enough of their service. Martin and his team excel at what they do. No pushing, helpful and informative. I highly recommend Lesson Moore. ”
- Ashley Lecky (Croydon)

Review from 14 Aug 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Excellent service from Martin and the team, no pushy tactics just open discussion about what we wanted, what was available and the benefits. Martin managed to improve our benefits whilst saving us money which was great! ”
- Matthew Jones (Clevedon)

Review from 25 Jul 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Martin and his team did a truly excellent and professional job on the renewal of our company Health Insurance at very short notice. Not only did they discuss our requirements in considerable detail, but finally recommended a product which gave us exactly the same cover benefits, and reduced our annual premium by a very significant amount. ”
- Alex Bevan (Pill)

Review from 23 Jul 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Spoke to Martin Blain today regarding our company health insurance annual review. Martin was fully prepared with quotes from different providers and was aware of our current circumstances and history of claims. All in all a very professional service, would strongly recommend. ”
- Peter Shanks (Borehamwood)

Review from 16 Jul 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Lesson Moore have obtained a significant saving on my health insurance premiums. I am very happy with their efficient and friendly service. ”
- Susan Thompson (Crowthorne)

Review from 08 Jul 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Tom Kingett recently reviewed our health insurance and managed to achieve a serious saving over the previous year. The service provided by Lesson Moore, whom we have used in previous years, has been very good. They have consistently achieved good terms for our insurances. ”
- James Slater (Craven Arms)

Review from 28 Jun 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Having paid for Health insurance directly for many years, these guys showed us that our so called top quality cover was NOT the case. They put us on the right cover and manged to save us some premium. ”
- James Chamberlain (Stroud)

Review from 27 Jun 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Lesson More did a great job in saving my company over 20 % against my previous supplier of Health insurance. The process was painless and simple with Martin and his team taking all the Strain out of the Procedure. Lesson More is a company that is a pleasure to do business with. . ”
- Don Grace (Christchurch)

Review from 31 May 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Always outstanding service year on year. Will always go the extra mile to obtain the best healthcare cover at the most competitive rate. Outstanding customer service at all times, not just at renewal. Highly recommended! ”
- Gail Smith (Shrivenham)

Review from 30 May 2019
on FreeIndex

“ I can't speak highly enough regarding the help and good service I have had from Lesson Moore; In fact each year thanks to them I seem to pay less rather than more in premiums. Add to this, always prompt and kindly service. Very highly recommended. . ”
- Angela Dennis (Coleford)

Review from 30 May 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Very happy with the service received from Lesson Moore, would recommend using these guys if you don't know much about this industry. Informed me well and covered most of the admin work in setting our Group Health Insurance Plan. *****. ”
- Nicola Wilson (Montrose)

Review from 28 May 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Great personal service with good cost savings too. Would definitely recommend to others. ”
- Steve Grist (Midsomer Norton)

Review from 23 May 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Once again we received a very professional and knowledgeable service, resulting in a great saving on our health insurance. Would highly recommend. ”
- Sarah Osmond (Wimborne)

Review from 20 May 2019
on FreeIndex

“ The team at Lesson Moore have always been extremely helpful, polite, and we would not hesitate to recommend them to any business. ”
- Sam Franklin (Shepton Mallet)

Review from 14 May 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Always really helpful and provide the right product and price. ”
- Robert Fowler (Hornsey)

Review from 23 Apr 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Many thanks for making our renewal process so straightforward once again. ”
- Tom Ogilvie (Kilsby)

Review from 25 Mar 2019
on FreeIndex

“ I highly recommend the services provide by Lesson Moore. Always knowledgeable and they make the mine field of health cover easy to navigate. ”
- Antony (Basingstoke)

Review from 06 Mar 2019
on FreeIndex

“ I have to say that Less and More provide a very effective and helpful brokering service in the health insurance market which is a bit of a minefield to say the least. They can explain the pros and cons of the many different providers out there. I would recommend their service, and it is of no direct cost to you. ”
- James Suter (Crickhowell)

Review from 27 Feb 2019
on FreeIndex

“ I really trust Martin, looking after my healthcare policies, I know that everything has been considered and the best policy for me and my family put in place. ”
- Karen Dunn (Guildford)

Review from 22 Feb 2019
on FreeIndex

“ We have been working with Martin Blain and the team at Lesson Moore Limited for four years now and we are just renewing our company health insurance policy through them again. They have taken the headache out of trying to find the right insurance for our team and for our key workers. They have always recommended good policies which 'do exactly what it says on the tin', and we can be confident, whenever claims need to be made, that they will be trouble free. We have no hesitation in recommending Lesson Moore Limited. ”
- Jane Bowe (Wells)

Review from 15 Feb 2019
on FreeIndex

“ Lesson Moore have looked after our healthcare insurance for 4 years now. It has saved us money, and taken away an administrative burden. More recently they were extremely responsive in finding a solution to our travel insurance needs. Would readily recommend them! ”
- Paul Gill (Bristol)

Review from 14 Mar 2018
on FreeIndex

“ Very thorough and professional in arranging our Health Insurance. Genuinely seem interested in the needs of the client rather than what's going to net the highest commission. Being in the sales/service industry I have been very impressed and would highly recommend using them. ”
- David Swift (Bournemouth)

Review from 16 Jan 2018
on FreeIndex

“ Good customer service and prompt response to any questions or to advice sought. I wish I had used Lesson Moore much sooner and not struggled with a poor service from BUPA without professional support. Highly recommended - they do the hard work for you whether business or personal health insurance. ”

Review from 06 Sep 2017
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