Bristol-based Simon Milner was honoured on Thursday 19 October as a newcomer at a national awards ceremony for the health insurance industry.

Shortlisted from a list of UK wide candidates Simon achieved the top three in the newcomer’s section at the Health Insurance Awards, impressing judges with his journey from a successful business services career to join health insurance broker Lesson Moore in 2015 at the age of 46.

Within a two-year period he had given up evenings and weekends to self-study for his professional qualifications and set up clients with Lesson Moore with a value of £1.2 million. After losing two relatives to cancer he was motivated to help more people find affordable private medical insurance.

Simon Milner, who lives in Eastville, Bristol and commutes to the company’s Radstock offices daily, said:

“It would have been great to win but I’m still overjoyed to get the recognition and finally my Mum’s proud of me! Hopefully next year we can win a national award”

Director of Lesson Moore Martin Blain said:

“Simon has been prepared to work extremely hard to start his career and he’s been particularly conscience of the need to gain a deep understanding of the insurer’s products.  He is always prepared to visit the insurers with a particular interest in developing an understanding of their claims methodology and the role of the managed care teams.


“He’s had a vital role in building up our business and I’m delighted that his risk-taking in making a career change in his 40’s has been recognised on a national stage. Simon has a great future ahead of him with Lesson Moore as he is now a director and is currently studying for a higher level diploma.”