New providers on board with Lesson Moore

Two providers have recently joined forces with Lesson Moore.  We now have more options to help us provide advice and quote the best match for your health insurance.

National Friendly are Bristol-based independent insurers who specialise in long-term affordability for those aged 50 and older.  We’ve found that they will contain costs in later years when you’re more likely to claim but your income could be declining.

One of the new products they’ve briefed us on is Optimum, their new product that gives flexibility with excess options so you can manage your premiums.  There is the added bonus of 25% cash back on the cost of private treatment, should you opt to have your treatment through the NHS.

CS Heathcare is a specialist insurer for the public sector, charity and not-for-profit sectors.  One of the added bonuses of being a partner of CS Healthcare is being able to recommend their products to relatives of someone who works in these fields as well as providing advice on renewal for current clients. They cover diagnostics, treatments and consultations.

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