We help our clients to save money wherever possible on their premiums but it is when claiming that the wisdom of medical insurance comes to the fore. Ashley Woodrow has never experienced private hospital treatment and so the Circle Bath’s Victoria Adams was good enough to arrange a tour. Here’s Ashley’s thoughts;

One of the major benefits of private medical insurance is providing fast access to consultations and treatment at private facilities. If you are considering private medical insurance for the first time then you may well ask “what’s so different about a private hospital?” That’s why this week I arranged a tour of the Circle Bath Hospital to see what they have to offer.

I arrived at the hospital and parked for free in the main carpark. The hospital building is sleek and modern and upon entering I was immediately struck by how calm it all seemed. I was informed that the hospital was actually relatively busy, but careful scheduling ensures that patients are generally seen on time with no queues or long waits.

Patients report to the front desk and have their photo taken as part of the arrival process. The medical staff use these photos to identify and greet their patient before personally escorting them to the consultation room.

The main atrium features stylish décor, comfortable seating and an impressive restaurant/deli serving a selection of freshly prepared breakfasts, lunches and specials as well as cakes, teas and coffee.

My tour included the purpose-built physiotherapy department, dedicated cardiac and endoscopy suites, four state-of-the-art operating theatres and the full range of advanced digital diagnostic equipment. Whilst the facilities are indeed very impressive it was the hospitals commitment to the ‘patient experience’ that impressed me the most.

The facilities are immaculately clean and have a ‘zero incident track record’ of healthcare acquired MRSA and C.Difficile infections.

Most initial consultations can be scheduled within 72 hours and at a time to suit the patient, who will be seen by the same consultant every time, ensuring continuity of care.

The hospital features separate corridors to avoid in-patients being moved through public facing areas, preserving privacy and dignity during and after treatment.

An overnight stay in hospital is never a desirable experience, but a private patient at the Circle Bath will be provided with their own comfortable room complete with TV, Wi-Fi, complimentary robes, slippers, newspapers and pleasant rural views. Every room also has its own en-suite facilities including an easy access walk-in shower and toiletries.

Visiting hours are unrestricted and each room features a pull-out guest bed allowing a family member or friend to stay at no extra charge. Patients and visitors can also order food from the varied menu prepared by a Michelin star trained chef and his team.


So, what do the patients think?

In 2016 over 99% of 5000 patients completing the patient satisfaction survey said that they would recommend the Circle Bath to family and friends.


Many thanks to the staff at the Circle Bath Hospital for the guided tour.

Private patients will generally have faster access to diagnostics, consultations and treatment, will have more freedom to choose their consultants and facilities, will enjoyer a higher level of comfort and convenience whilst in hospital and may have access to treatments and drugs that are not readily available on the NHS.

If you’d like to save money on health insurance then please get in touch to receive free, independent advice.

Ashley Woodrow

Health Insurance Consultant

October 2017