Sitting vs standing:

Heart Rate Sitting

      Heart Rate Standing   

The peddlers of standing desks associate numerous life changing benefits for standing whilst at work and after several years of use the principal benefit for me is that I get less issues with my back compared to when I sit for long periods.

Whilst London transport studies have noted that bus drivers suffer a greater incidence of heart disease than conductors my heart rate graphs above illustrate why ( The lower one is my normal day, ride to work, heart rate increases, lunchtime walk rate rises and then the evening commute which as you can see is uphill. The interesting line is the mid morning and mid afternoon rate when compared to the graph at the top from a day sitting whilst working at home. The average resting rate is marginally higher when standing compared to sitting.

The stats are from my Garmin watch. Maybe more of my colleagues will be demanding standing desks too.

Martin Blain.

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