Business international medical insurance

International Medical Insurance

businesses and groups

There are a multitude of group health insurance plans that are designed for employers and employees who are working internationally or who take multiple international business trips during the year. Plans are ideal for international executives/employees and business people.


We’ll need to know the part of the world that you need for cover for as well as the level of benefits that you’d like.

If you are currently uninsured and you are looking for a new policy or if you’d like us to review your existing cover then we can help.

Where will you need cover?

There are differing requirements and rules and regulations relating to health insurance needs across the world.

Where will you be travelling or working? Europe? USA? The answers to this question will guide us as to the type of cover that you’ll require.

What level of benefits are you looking for?

Unlike the NHS health care that we enjoy in the UK you’ll need to consider what cover you’ll need for primary care with Doctors, Dentists and other practitioners.

Most plans will cover you for in-patient and day-patient treatment and we can arrange cover for emergency repatriation and evacuation to the nearest medical facility.

Long-term cover for individuals and families

There are plans available that provide interchangeable coverage for international citizens living or working abroad and travelling frequently between countries or maintaining multiple countries of residence.  They are annually renewable and these are optimal for individuals and families, expatriates, diplomats, and other international travellers.

Short-term insurance for individuals and families

These plans provide individual and family coverage anywhere from five days up to three years. They are designed to protect you in the event of an illness or injury when you are travelling outside your home country. They are ideal for individual or family travel.