Reviewing your existing cover?

A thorough review of your existing cover will involve ensuring that you’ll have the benefits that you need and that you’re not paying for “add-ons” that you’ll possibly never use. Does your current policy cover the most up to date medical practises and procedures or has it fallen behind the times?

Even when you’ve had recent claims and members have ongoing medical conditions we can review your insurance. It’s at these times that clients often benefit the most from our services as we can help to minimise the financial impact on your future premiums due to claims.

We’ll always consider the current health circumstances of your group as part of our advice

We can conduct a full market review of the available policies and guide you in deciding the best way to minimise your costs and to maximise the benefits of your cover. Our recommendations and advice may assist you to get better value from your existing insurer or guide you to moving to another insurer who may offer an improved all round package.


Setting up a new group scheme?

From two employees upwards group medical insurance policies are available.

As specialists we can research the market for you and compare the available policies and benefits for you. We’ll help you to appreciate what private health cover is and how it can benefit your business.

In a nut shell private health cover (also known as private medical insurance) could pay for the costs of private medical treatment for curable, short-term illnesses or injuries (commonly known as acute conditions). Staff absence can have a huge impact on small businesses and so companies buy private health cover to avoid lengthy absences and high business costs caused by staff having to wait for treatment on the NHS. Your staff may also benefit from choosing the timing of when to have treatment and at hospital to provide the best treatment and convenience. Patients usually have the privacy of an en-suite room with TV and other home comforts. Your staff will see you as a caring employer so your staff will really feel valued. Cover is usually available for in-patient (where stays in hospital are overnight or longer) and day-patient (where some time is spent recovering, but not overnight) treatment. There are options to provide cover for out-patient treatment such as physiotherapy and osteopathy as well as pre-treatment diagnostic appointments and post treatment follow ups relating to a condition.

There are also options to add cover for GP and general health help-lines, video consultations and private prescription services.

“ What a great company, Martin, Simon and the team go way beyond their duties to look after their clients and we got a big saving too. Could not rate them highly enough, I would definitely recommend Lesson Moore Ltd. Both professionally and personally. Thank you Team for your A+++ service. ”
- Julien Abbott (Reading)

Review from 17 Sep 2018
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“ it is very rare that I will accept a cold call I am very pleased I did.Simon was my first account manager who was brilliant he moved on and up I was disappointed to loose that contact with him.Ashely then took over, HE HAS BEEEN BRILLAINT yes I am shouting thank you Ashley you are a great Lesson Moore ambassador. ”
- David J Marks (Hampstead)

Review from 30 Aug 2018
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“ Simon Milner and all the team at Lesson Moore with whom I have been in contact with are always exceptionally helpful and efficient being very effective in finding the most relevant and cost effective health insurance packages for me and my company. In addition they are very pleasant, polite and friendly people to deal with. ”
- Carl Cullingford (London)

Review from 24 Apr 2018
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“ Ashley was very helpful in recommending the right health insurance for my family. He has found a great new insurance company that covered all our needs and made a great cost saving from our existing scheme. In fact ever since I have worked with Lesson Moore I have found all staff to be friendly and very helpful. Keep up the good work! ”
- Kevin Hardy (Bedford)

Review from 01 Feb 2018
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“ Ashley Woodrow is very knowledgeable about the health insurance industry. He immediately understood the cover I needed and gave excellent advice by phone and email. He then passed it over to Julie who processed the paperwork very efficiently. I definitely felt that they cared about me as a customer and gave excellent service. ”

Review from 01 Dec 2017
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“ I have used Lesson Moore for a number of years. They have provided me with great advice and guidance to help find the right private health insurance cover. Without fail every year I get a review to ensure I am on the best policy and product. Making sure I am getting great value for money. I would high recommend their services to anyone seeking private medical insurance. ”

Review from 21 Sep 2017
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