Dental Insurance-Individuals and families

Dental Insurance


Individuals and families


If you already a have medical insurance policy in place certain insurers have options to add cover for some dental costs and there are also products known as “cash plans” which can provide you with an element of dental benefits.


If you are investigating a dedicated dental insurance policy, then irrespective if you have an NHS or a private dentist, there are plans available to manage the cost of all covered dental bills.


Depending on the level of dental cover that you choose you can have a plan that can help pay for the following:

  • routine dental treatments, such as covered check-ups, x-rays and hygienist
  • remedial or restorative treatments, such as fillings, crowns and dentures.
  • unexpected remedial or restorative dental treatments, including cover for oral cancer.
  • Cover for accidents and dental emergencies.

Most new policies will have a requirement for you to have finished a course of treatment or to have had a check-up within a defined time period before covering you.