Cash plan claims

Cash plans have a variety of benefits, for the more common claims for dental, optical and therapies (physiotherapy, chiropractic etc,) costs there is no need to preauthorise a claim, you simply pay your provider’s invoice and then reclaim the monies from the cash plan by post, online or by phone.

Certain insurers provide telephone based services like private GP consultations or general advice lines, these usually have a dedicated telephone number, which is separate to the usual claims line, these will be detailed in your provider’s information.

Claiming for Private Medical Insurance (PMI) excess or shared responsibility
If your cash plan allows you to claim for any PMI excess or shared responsibility contribution then you will need to provide supporting evidence to reclaim your money. Your PMI insurer will send you a claims statement explaining the amount you must contribute towards a claim, you pay it and then reclaim the monies from your cash plan provider, you should keep a copy of your receipt.

The most common claims statements that medical insurers send out are:


Claims Advice

Statement of Account

Benefit Statement

Detailed Claims Statement

The cash plan company will require all the statements pages and not just the first page.


Check your policy documentation for your membership number and to see the full range of benefits.

Don’t leave it too late! There is a usually a time limit of 90 days after your treatment to make a claim.

If you have any problems contact us for guidance.

Use the links below to follow your insurer’s claims process.