Change Group Administrator/Secretary or add an administrator to your company policy.

The role of the group administrator or secretary is an important one. You can only have one group secretary, but you can give limited administrative rights to another staff member.

To read about the responsibilities of a Group Secretary click on the plus sign

The group secretary is responsible for;

  • Making sure that the individual members receive their member packs and any letters relevant to their policy. This information is often confidential and should be treated as such.
  • Encouraging members to read their membership packs so that they understand how to get the best from their policy.
  • Informing members of the medical benefits that your company has chosen.
  • Understanding the terms and conditions of your policy and giving advice to your members.
  • Ensuring the premiums are paid.
  • Helping your members to understand the underwriting of their policy.
    Useful information is available on our website;
    A summary of the Underwriting options for Medical insurance
  • Notifying your insurer when members join and leave your scheme.
    This can be done via our website;
    Add members to a policy
    Remove members from a policy
  • As you will be sharing your employees’ personal information with us, and possibly information about their families, it is your responsibility to make them aware of our Privacy Policy.

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    We will contact you if your insurer requires any further information and confirm that the change has been made.